welcome to metalocardoso

welcome to metalocardoso

What's better than our chairman's words to describe us?

It's full of sense of Reinvention, on a future made of steel for the humanity, that I review this Portfolio of Metalocardoso. That's why I am pleased to share it here with you and I would like to feel you as inspired as me and all my soul mates of this long life journey.

In 1978, I found my own voice in the beauty of steel processing and I felt in my own destiny. I'm fortunate to have felt that others followed me in a common mission. Today, I maintain the belief in the essence of Steel Construction for the reborning of new ecological solutions to the planet, and, above all, for the human being and their renewed evolution needs. Our ambition for growth is based on a single word that has always accompanied me in life: Sustainability.

I dreamed a future way for business supported in areas of activity with synergies and cross-selling: road safety, metallic construction, and service center (cutting lines, picking lines, galvanization lines and painting lines). And I believed it was sustainable to have all physical, technical, productive and, above all, human resources in one place, or erect something that I call "The City of Steel Construction"! A city supported on Human Technology and focused on the comfort, functionality and costumer satisfaction. A city that could be able to antecipate the major trends in the global market.


António Mendes Cardoso

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